Data Security

Data is your most valuable asset. Rest assured in our secured physical media destruction and digital data erasure.


Media Sanitization

HDDs and SSDs that will be reused need secured erasure. eWorks uses state of the art media sanitation to wipe your data to the highest standards. Click below to explore our compliance with domestic and international guidelines.

Shredding Services

For assets in need of physical destruction, eWorks provides full shredding services, both onsite and off.


Rotational/magnetic hard drives require traditional shredding. This process renders the drive into metal shards that are  regarded by NIST 800-88 as "most secure"


Solid State Drives require finer destruction. Our SSD shredding solution was engineered specifically for enterprise drive destruction and produces a final particle size of approximately 2mm squared.

Security FAQ

Your assets may have reached the end of use, but the data on them still needs special care

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